Clicking the button below will take you out of Point of Practice to our Partner site, Halaxy, where you can choose an appointment time. Halaxy is a renowned service used worldwide, however, two important notes before you book:

  1.  Upon choosing a date, you will be taken to this screen: 

All of the details, including agreeing to the terms and conditions, must be filled out or the submit button will not work. If you would like your session to be over video or in your home, simply state this in the Appointment Notes box, and I will set it up on my end.

Once you click the submit button you will be sent an SMS verification code to the phone number you provided. This will show up on your phone as “Likely-SCAM”. This is due to sender carrier policies in Singapore having yet to be finalised. It is a governmental issue and out of both Point of Practice’s and Halaxy’s control. We are obviously not a scam or sending spam. Apologies for this inconvenience.

2. Once you have verified, you will be taken to a confirmation screen that looks like this:

Please do click the blue “Complete The Intake Form” button, as this is important information needed for the session to run smoothly and allow us maximum time for the hypnosis work.

That’s it. See you soon!